Snowboard to Sand Conversions.

Want to put that old snowboard to good use? Turn it into a Sandboard. To do that all you need is to glue an HPL (High Pressure Laminate) sheet to the base. And if you can afford it, put on some sand bindings.

The Base:

You have two options, do it yourself or we’ll do it for you.

Do it yourself.

You’ll need:

Sheet of HPl Laminate (Formica or similar) min .8mm thick, Gloss if possible. (Cut to about 30mm larger than your board all round). This is available at most timber stores. We can supply pre cut sheets. Go to our Contacts page and send a message giving sizes needed.

Contact glue, about 100ml.


Steel wool.

Box cutter.

Leather gloves.

100 grit sand paper.

Firstly, clean your old base, it probably has wax on too. Best to use paraffin and steel wool to get the wax off then wash with soap and water and dry. Give the base a light sanding to roughen the surface. Now clean the rough side of the laminate sheet and dry. Then use a wide paint scraper to spread contact glue on both surfaces and allow to dry. Line up and hand press both surfaces together.  Trim off excess laminate using a box cutter (be sure to wear gloves) then sand down sharp edges. Wax the base and you’re ready to ride!

We do it for you.

Send us your board and we’ll save you the hassle. We’ll replace the base and send it back. 

Go to our Contacts page, send a message and we'll make it happen.

The Bindings.

For sand you’re better off changing out those snow bindings. They’re bulky and heavy and force you to wear shoes or boots, we think barefoot in the sand is way better. That’s why we recommend you change to BsB barefoot sandboard bindings. They’re comfortable, give you great foot support and have an adapter plate that is drilled to suit your snowboard.

Click here to go to their website.

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