Sandboard care:

Never stand or sit on board tips or load heavy objects on them. 

Don't ride over shells or stones, they'll scratch and damage the base.

Don't ride into water, boards also don't go well on wet sand.

Edges can chip easily so store and transport in board bag or wrapped in fabric.

Check screw tightness regularly.

Wipe board and bindings down with paraffin to clean off wax/ dirt and to renew shine.

Riding Tips.

Always learn to ride on a gentle slope and stay there till you’re confident before moving to more challenging dunes.

Keep the foot bindings nice and loose when you're first learning. Tighten up when you're ready to start practicing turns.

Learn to turn and stop before tackling the really steep stuff.

Beware of riding down a face that ends abruptly with a horizontal. (Especially true of the dune slip face). The change in angle is very difficult to navigate. Especially if you can’t turn.


No wax, no go. Surfboard wax is to stick (on top), Sandboard wax is to slide (on the bottom).

A normal commercial floor/wood polish does the trick. Try and find eco options. Rub about ½ teaspoon over the whole of the flat base. Then sprinkle on a handful of dry sand. Wipe the sand off to polish.

The board will slow down when the wax has worn off, and another application is needed.


Our bindings are designed for barefoot riding. (You can use booties or socks in the cooler months). To fit the bindings, undo all the straps and place your foot in the middle of board. Tighten both straps over the front of your foot to fit snugly. No need to adjust these again while riding. Just slide your foot in and use the back (ankle) strap to close.

The dune environment:

The dune environment is fragile and sensitive. Please show respect.

Don’t ride over vegetation.

Don’t disturb birds or animals that make the dunes their home.

Dunes often cover archaeological sites, if you see artefacts, bones etc. please don’t disturb or remove, just enjoy.

Use your wax sparingly.