Our boards are shaped for:

  • Speed: Gentle kicker radius both ends prevents ploughing in soft sand. Ultra smooth HPL base for fast, long rides. Enough rigidity to spread the load and reduce friction.

  • Maneuverability: Short length to rider height ratio means easier turns. Shaped with a waist cut radius allows smooth entry into turns and the Flexibility helps carving.

  • Strength: Base and top are constructed using high strength fiber reinforcing. This allows us to keep weight and thickness down while maximizing strength. 

Sizes and Cost.

Your board length depends on your height, so the taller you are the longer the board should be.

We offer a standard range of three sizes. Other sizes or shapes can be custom made to your needs.

Junior Mamba.

(Your height less than 1.2m) Board length 106cm.                     Cost        R1200.00

Medium Mamba.

(Your height between 1.2 to 1.7m) Board length 120cm.           Cost        R1500.00

Large Mamba.

(Your height above 1.7m) Board length 135cm.                          Cost        R1700.00

For non SA clients with PayPal account.

All prices include foot bindings, exclude extra artwork and delivery.

Colours and designs.

Light grey is our current standard top and base colour, with black edges.

For an extra cost you can choose a single colour for the top deck like blue, red, yellow, green. Or you can choose your own design.  Pick from the examples here or send us your own artwork and we'll have it printed for you.

Extra design costs: Single colour: R150.    Custom design: R250.

Designs for kids:

Here are some examples to choose from, scroll or click to enlarge.


As standard we use BsB barefoot bindings, the best we can find on the market. These are included in the cost of your board. They are high quality bindings specifically designed for Sandboards and are drilled to suit your foot stance. (Natural – left foot forward, or Goofy – right foot forward).

Click here to go to their website.

If you prefer hard bindings for use with shoes or boots our boards are drilled to accommodate standard snowboard type bindings. Let us know if this is your preference?

sandboard bindings

Used boards and accessories.

We often get stock in of second hand boards and equipment. We’ll post them here as they come in…

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